Nutrition Coaching

What we eat and drink is the basis for all health and disease. Eat optimally – feel optimal. Holistic Nutrition considers the way we are biologically designed to eat and how foods affect the whole body system including mind and spirit. Many diseases we see today are directly linked to diet and lifestyle. Optimal health comes from a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods that are closest to nature. I believe there is no such thing as one diet that is perfect for everyone because our nutritional needs shift with the seasons, life stages and times of illness. 

With my training and experience in nutritional therapy, energetic principles of food and modern food wisdom I hope to empower my clients to achieve improved health and freedom from illness, both today and in the future through addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition. My motto is eat right for our species type.

Nutrition Coaching During All Stages of Life:

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, introducing foods to babies, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and aging adults. 

Nutrition Coaching In The Following Areas:

Overall health maintenance, type 2 diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, chronic and acute infections, fatty liver, immune system boosting, allergies, ADD/ADHD, stress, nutrient deficiencies, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, breastfeeding, digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions, arthritis, fatigue, weight loss, food sensitivities + more!


Initial Nutrition Coaching

60 - 90 min. consultation via video call or phone 

Health history assessment

Supplement and Diet intake review 

Individualized health and/or nutrition recommendations

Natural supplements, essential oils and other natural medicine and healing modality recommendations.

Lists of “healthier food alternatives” to buy

Meal suggestions

Tips on buying high quality food on a budget

Determine your goals for your health 

Establish goals and action plans based on your health priorities

Follow-up Nutrition Coaching

45 min. consultation via video call or phone

Continued health and/or nutrition maintenance support

Review diet, supplements, progress

Answer questions and troubleshoot areas needing attention

Review goals and action plans, update as needed

Available via phone, video call & email to help you through your wellness journey!

*NOTE: This is not a lose weight fast, calorie counting program. My coaching guides you through becoming informed about today’s food industry and the proper way to nourish your body. In general I advocate a low sugar/carbohydrate diet with an individualized food plan depending on your nutritional needs and restrictions. My motto is eat right for our species type.